Altobello Males

CH Navaho di Altobello

CH Navaho di Altobello

(Phantom di Altobello x Bony del Mediano)




Navaho lives in Russia, in kennel "De Bella y Feliz Estrella" with Medeia Perez de Albeniz and his friend Oro de Uligan...

  young Champion of Russia
young Champion of Moldova
champion of Russia
champion of Moldova



EX.1, САС - Moldova, Kishinev on August, 19th 2006 International Dog Show CACIB
expert: Cristian Stefanescu (Romania)
EX.1, САС, BOS b \t, BOB b \t - Moldova, Kishinev on August, 19th 2006 National Dog Show CAC MD expert: Svetlana Raduk (Belarus) 
EX.1, САС - Moldova, Kishinev on August, 20th 2006, International Dog Show CACIB

expert: Cristian Stavarache (Romania)
EX.1, JСАС, CAC, JBOS b \t, JBOB b \t Moldova, Kishinev on August, 20th 2006
Dobermann Club Show  expert: Milivoje Urosevik (Serbia-Montenegro)

Ex.1, CW, JCAC, JBOS at FCI САСIB "A cup of the Governor " Kursk-2006,

judge M. Kravchich (Slovenia)30 July 2006
Ex.1, CW, BOS, JCC, JCCC - 02 Feb 2006 - Monographic show in Russia

Best Puppy Male - 26 Nov 2005 - Russia


Phantom di Altobello

Garagolden di Campovalano Playboy Altobello Gamon di Campovalano
Votka Altobello
Sole di Campovalano Orion di Campovalano
Oro di Campovalano
Gaia Sawages Gamon di Campovalano Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlands Stam
Mali di Campovalano
Heidy Royal Bell Hargos v.h. Wantij
Karmel Kesia v. Diaspora

Bony del Mediano

Gino Gomez del Citone Astor del Citone Prinz Norden Stamm
Tequila Mali del Citone
Arielle D'amour del Citone Prinz Norden Stamm
Tequila Mali del Citone
Tahi-Reme Wally Graaf Quirinus Neerlands Stamm Hertog Alpha v. Lee Dobry
Dea Dolores v.Franckenhorst
Tahi- Reme Liz Gamon di Campovalano
Naplemente Tinti

Living with Doberman is a privilege. Living for Dobermans is something altogether more than that.


  Karlovacki drum BB
21131 Petrovaradin, Serbia

  (+381) 62 505 504

  Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 22:00

About Us

The simbiosis with these beautiful creatures makes us different and more fulfilled, and it makes us happier because we have an opportunity to participate in the creation of something beautiful and perfect as Doberman. We live for a day when every new litter which we created will be bread, hoping that we shall achieve to create an even better litter from the one that came before and we shall further improve the breed. Even after so many years we still have many sleepless nights because we contemplate another combination in the future. It is nice to live daily with sweet uncertainty while watching how the beautiful small creatures grow into the fulfillment of your dreams every day.

Altobello is a family. Altobello is friendship. Doberman is a million violins, the sky above us.
Altobello Doberman is a living dream.