Archived Shows 2011

trofej 3

Judges:  Hans Wiblishauser (DEU), Pierluigi Pezzano (ITA), Thomas Becht (DEU),
Helmut Redtenbacher (RSA), Tamás Dohóczki (HUN), Erika Szokol (HUN)

27-28.08 2011

Baby class

Ginobello di Altobello-(Maxim di Altobello x Lemira Shade di Altobello )-VP1 – IDC Baby Black Sieger

Intermedia class

Wero di Altobello-(Bandit di Altobello x Lemira Shade di Altobello )-V1 Class Winner

Champion class

Maxim di Altobello-(Icarus di Altobello x Daria Deniz di Altobello ) -V1 Class Winner

Veteran class

WildCherry di Altovello-(Ella Esmeralda Sawages x Baron Nike Renewal)Veteran Class-V4
Veteran class

Valentino di Altobello-(Ella Esmeralda Sawages x Casanova di Altobello )Veteran Class-V2

Valentino di Altobello was the oldest dog in the show (01.01.2001) from Germany!!!


Ginobello di Altobello-IDC Baby Black Sieger
               Dam: Lemira Shade di Altobello

Mafioso Tikrai Nauja –IDC Brown Male Puppy Sieger
 Dam:  Italia Tikrai Nauji

Vivien iz Zoosfery-Working Class Black females -V1 Class Winner
      Dam: Kabbalah iz Zoosfery

Altobello Kennel’s Offspring  at the Top of the World !!!

BROWN MALE IDC JUGENDSIEGER- Lucky Luciano Tikrai Nauja – (Livonijas Baron Hitch Cock x Borana di Altobello)

BROWN FEMALE IDC  SIEGER-Dixie Daytona di Arsomar-(Ale Alamos del Citone x Olimpia Nike di Altobello )

BLACK MALE IDC SIEGER-Dobergaarden Forever Athos-(Fedor del Nasi x Lola di Altobello )

trofej 3

Judge: Nebojsa Nedeljkovic (SRB)


Black males   9-18

Icaro di Altobello (Panda di Altobello x Icarus di Altobello )- V1, JUNIOR BEST, JUNIOR BOB, JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW (all breeds )


Black males open class

Tevez di Altobello (Bandit di Altobello x Lemira Shade di Altobello )-V1, CAC, BEST OF BREED!!!


Black females 9-18

Princess Paris di Altobello (Maxim di Altobello x Sky Spirit di Altobello )- V1, JUNIOR BEST!!!

trofej 3


judge :H Redtenbacher (RSA )


Baby class
Y'Cezar di Altobello - VP1
(Shane di Altobello - Brenda di Peco)
LARSON di Altobello- VP2
(Purgay Porshe di Altobello - Sky Spirit di Altobello)

Puppy class:
Crazy Baker di Altobello -VP1
(Maxim di Altobello - Orca Hani Red del Rio Bianco)

Youth class:
           Prince Matteo di Altobello -Exc.1, YOUTH CLUB WINNER, BEST JUNIOR
(Maxim di Altobello - Sky Spirit di Altobello)

Zuly Warrior di Altobello- Exc 3
(Maxim di Altobello - Beti Boop di Altobello)

Open class:
Dragon di Altobello- Exc.1,
(Maxim di Altobello - Wild Cherry di Altobello)

Champion class:
Maxim di Altobello - Exc.1 , CLUB WINNER
(Icarus di Altobello - Daria Deniz di Altobello)


Intermediate class:
Dobergaarden Forever Beauti Halifax-Exc.1 , CLUB WINNER, BOB
(Ale alamos del Citone x Fortuna di Altobello)


Intermediate class:
Sade di Altobello - Exc. 2
(Maxim di Altobello - Luna di Altobello)

Open class:
Reina di Altobello - Exc. 2
(Imperator Iran di Altobello - Betty Boop di Altobello)

Working class:
Tijana Daria di Altobello - Exc. 1
(Bandit di Altobello - Lemira Shade di Altobello)

Champion class:
Panda di Altobello - Exc. 2
(Fan-Fan de Grande Vinko - Wild Cherry di Altobello)


trofej 3

judge: Pierluigi Pezzano (ITA) , Erika Szokol (HUN)

Black  females  open class 

Artemis di Altobello

(Maxim di Altobello x Luna di Altobello ) - V1, OPEN CLASS WINNER, CAC, BEST FEMALE OF BREED!

Living with Doberman is a privilege. Living for Dobermans is something altogether more than that.


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About Us

The simbiosis with these beautiful creatures makes us different and more fulfilled, and it makes us happier because we have an opportunity to participate in the creation of something beautiful and perfect as Doberman. We live for a day when every new litter which we created will be bread, hoping that we shall achieve to create an even better litter from the one that came before and we shall further improve the breed. Even after so many years we still have many sleepless nights because we contemplate another combination in the future. It is nice to live daily with sweet uncertainty while watching how the beautiful small creatures grow into the fulfillment of your dreams every day.

Altobello is a family. Altobello is friendship. Doberman is a million violins, the sky above us.
Altobello Doberman is a living dream.